• Postcard Flyer
    Client: Fred Alley and James Kaplan, producers of The Bachelors
    Showing: Front and back of postcard

  • Fundraiser Program Book and Identity Design
    Client: Junior League of Madison, The Bowling Ball
    Showing: Cover detail and cover

  • Campaign Mailer
    (Original artwork by Kelly Snider-Parks)
    Client: Project Girl
    Showing: 2-sided mailer, uncoated stock, offset, die-cut rounded corners

  • Brochure
    Client: Hubbard Avenue Confections
    Details: UV-inks, dull-coated stock, 2-sided, self-mailer
    Copywriter: Sarah Cox

  • Single Origin Chocolate Tasting Guide
    Client: Gail Ambrosius
    Details: Locally printed, dull-coated recycled stock

  • Catering Flyer
    Client: Market Street Catering and Confections
    Showing: Front and back

  • Restaurant Opening Flyers "fresh / local / seasonal"
    Client: Fresco Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge
    Details: Custom die-cut circles, 3 unique designs

  • Holiday Bonus Marketing Campaign
    Client: Food Fight Restaurant Group
    Details: Campaign materials include postcards, in-store flyers, staff buttons and in-store signage (not shown)

  • Valentine's Day Party Poster
    Client: Market Street Diner and Bakery

  • Restaurant Table Topper
    Client: Firefly Asian Fusion Restaurant
    Showing: Interior spread
    Details: UV-coating for durability

  • My Chart Sell Sheet
    Client: Epic
    Details: Die-cut rounded corners

  • Product Sell Sheet
    Client: Gail Ambrosius
    Details: Printed locally on uncoated, recycled stock

  • Private Events Brochure
    Client: Fresco, Johnny Delmonico's, Ocean Grill Restaurant,,
    Details: 6-panel layout, printed locally on dull-coated stock
    Showing: Cover

  • Corporate Recruiting Packet
    Client: Food Fight Restaurant Group
    Details: Campaign materials include clear folder with company highlights and notable information about Madison

  • Restaurant Flyer
    Client: Firefly Asian Fusion Restaurant
    Showing: Front and back (business card size)

  • Restaurant Flyer
    Client: Food Fight Restaurant Group
    Showing: Front (business card size)

  • Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer
    Client: Tex Tubb's Taco Palace
    Showing: Front and back

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